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Mens SS '16 Additons

Posted by Anna Hefko on

Coming in to our second Spring/Summer season, the main goal was to progress the fit and consistency, improve the fine details, and further build the substance and utility of each piece through the materials and construction methods chosen. From the canvas found during a trip to Taos with Collective Quarterly to the way its end result was photographed, the release is a culmination of what we have learned, are still learning, and the relationships we have built over the life of this project.


Walking through the back streets of Taos and stumbling into Common Thread Textiles, the fabric was immediately something that had to be used and had to be shared. Inspired by the upper Rio Grande Valley and Sangre de Cristo Mountains, their plain weave canvas is produced in small runs on pedal looms by generations of master weavers in the highlands of Guatemala. These craftspeople work in their homes, where family members help with various aspects of the weaving process, such as preparing the threads. A steady and successful working relationship has endured for nearly 40 years between the two operations and Common Thread's lone shop is still the sole distributor of their work.

Six months later on a rainy April day in New York City's Garment District, our factory was in the midst of finishing production when long time friend and photographer Jay Gullion took the crowded elevator up to see how things were progressing. After taking a few shots of what was still in process, he grabbed what was finished and set out for the West Village to meet up with another friend, collaborator, and photographer Ruben Hughes. The two wandered for the few hours that followed and the result is something we are very proud of from all angles. From the sourcing of materials, to the methods of construction, and the ability to collaborate with friends we respect and admire, these additions encompass what it's all about.

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