Womens Summer 2016 Additions

When it comes to apparel, our goal is to provide you with timeless, seasonless options. We look at our assortment as a closet - we only want to add pieces that will work with everything else we've carried, and we want everything in there to be comfortable and make you happy as you wear it. 

This season, we worked with our friend Christina Fischer of Fischer Clothing to update her best-selling jumpsuit using our cotton and linen shirting. These jumpsuits are made alongside our men's shirts in a factory in the Garment District and have become an instant best-seller in the shop. We've also added hemp t-shirts from Jungmaven, a California brand dedicated to mitigating climate change by getting everyone in a Hemp T-shirt by 2020. Hemp farming is extremely good for the environment - hemp cleans oxygen, water, and nourishes the land and uses little to no pesticides or insecticides and needs a fraction of the water used by cotton to grow. As always, we worked with our friends at Hackwith Design House in St. Paul, Minnesota to create a collection of easy, lightweight pieces in their signature minimal aesthetic.