Hennepin Made + Conway Electric

A functional item, made beautiful. That is, and will always be, our goal at Wilson & Willy’s. It is very easy to build an assortment of beautiful, shiny objects – and even easier to fill your life with these things that you don't really need. But the best and truest products, the items that deserve their place in your life, serve a purpose and have meaning – yet can also be beautiful. Our hanging pendant sconce, made in collaboration with Hennepin Made and Conway Electric, is the model for collaborations going forward - it came together easily, the collaboration made sense, and the resulting product is equally beautiful and functional.

Hennepin Made was founded in Minneapolis in 2011 through the partnership of Joe Limpert and Jackson Schwartz with the common belief that handmade products have an essential place in our culture and everyday life. Joe, Jackson, and the team work tirelessly to create handmade glass objects that are impeccably crafted and enhance our physical environments.

Conway Electric was founded by Kevin Faul in Seattle with the belief that everything deserves great design, and a mission to design and make better electrical products. Kevin is tireless in his quest for innovation and his support of the maker community. 

Both companies make beautiful, thoughtful, functional products that we are proud to carry in our store. Throughout our development conversations, we found ourselves continuously talking about Conway with Joe and Jackson, and Hennepin Made with Kevin, and the need for collaboration became apparent.

Fortunately, Conway Electric was about to launch a customizable, UL-Listed cloth covered wire that would serve as a complement to handmade lighting and electronics. Working together, Conway Electric and Hennepin Made were able to take a purely functional item – the hanging, plug-in pendant – and make a safe, beautiful piece that looks as good in our shop as it will in your home. We've fought open light bulbs and unsightly cords for too long and are so happy to have a safe, beautiful, and American made option going forward.