Blaire Molitor & Allie Pohlad - TRUCE

What do you feel is the most meaningful/fulfilling part of the work you do?

B: Seeing people love our product is awesome and really feels great. Knowing that everything we offer is truly and honestly good for you​ allows us to always stand confidently behind what we're putting out there.

A: The opportunity to make an impact on our community by providing healthy food and drink options and the opportunity to create a work environment that fosters respect, empowerment, and openness.

How would you describe your creative process?

​B: Random. To get ideas I like to read, go on a walk, scour instagram, travel, be alone. Allie and I tend to gravitate towards simple, and are usually on the same page about what direction we'd like to see things go in. It's always a balance between over thinking and going with the flow.

A: I'm very linear and analytical, so most things I do follow a thoughtful and methodical approach. No matter what we do or how we set out to do it, though, there's always a fair amount of trial and error involved, so I've learned to be a little more easy going and "let's see what happens" with our processes.

What is it about the place you chose as your escape that inspires your work?

B: We go to Allie's often because it's so calm. It's funny because it's at one of the busiest intersections in uptown but it somehow feels so far removed. I live across the lake so I can walk there, and Truce uptown is just up the block.

A: There's no one place, but I love the lakes, and I love where I live specifically. At home, I can sit right on the edge of the lake and watch all of the activity outside and feel a part of it, but at the same time, it's quiet and peaceful and meditative.

What drove you to be an entrepreneur?

B: ​My mom always said if you want something done the way you want it, you're going to have to do it yourself. Allie and I see Minneapolis as a vibrant, healthy city, and still can't believe the lack of healthy food options for people. We want to help change that, and while it may sound dramatic, really help change the future of food and how people eat and take care of themselves. We didn't see anyone else with the same commitment to a product you can trust, operating with the same transparency and quality, so we went for it, and here we are :)

A: It wasn't really a conscious decision to be an entrepreneur; rather, it happened quietly over conversations about ways to improve and contribute to our city, and before we knew it, we had opened the first Truce!