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Jackie Reisenauer - Munster Rose

Posted by Anna Hefko on

What do you feel is the most meaningful/fulfilling part of the work you do?

Making people happy. (I keep trying to expand. But deep down, this is it. Happiness.)


How would you describe your creative process?

Fluid. Ideas are always moving - shifting. When working with a seasonal and perishable product, you have to be a bit lenient with your creative vision. You're at the mercy of mother nature. Which means sometimes the end result is different than the initial inspiration. And that's a-okay by me.


What is it about the place you chose as your escape that inspires your work?

My home is my absolute favorite place on earth. Cozy, comfortable, relaxing. With all the pieces of my past scattered around. I think most people need a place like this. It restores me. Refuels the creative juices. Which is COMPLETELY necessary when working in a creative industry.


What drove you to be an entrepreneur?

I still hesitate to call myself an entrepreneur. I'm a designer and a small business owner, which lead me to this "entrepreneur" thing. I didn't envision Munster Rose through the lens of an entrepreneur. I just wanted to create things, work with my hands, and pay the bills. It was hard and scary. It's still hard and scary. But it's also the best.

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