Raoul Benavides - Flashlight Vinyl

What do you feel is the most meaningful/fulfilling part of the work you do?

I find the most meaning in the connection between the people that work for me, that support my projects and the people that we serve. It makes me so happy to bring a new project/business into the marketplace and see how it is received. We learn and take action based on the customer’s needs. There is a ton of positivity in the work when there is a fluid exchange of listening and communicating. 

How would you describe your creative process? 

My creative process has really changed over the years. I am giving my ideas more time to ferment. I am a very gut feeler but I am trying to filter it through my entrepreneurial experience. I do a lot of research and background work on the area were the project is taking place. It gives me an empathic view from were the consumer might be and if and when I might fit in. 

What is it about the place you chose as your escape that inspires your work?

I really love my home. It’s my happy place. A house covered with art, filled with music and welcoming to joyous people and their own independent thoughts and dreams. That inspires me everyday.

What drove you to be an entrepreneur?

I come from a long lineage of entrepreneurs. My grandfather started a candy company in the 1940s after a run of food import businesses in Monterrey, Mexico. All of his children went on to start their own companies and most of the grandchildren did as well.