Annette Aylward

Annette Aylward designs and makes small-scale, hand-woven linen goods for the home with quality and sustainability in mind. She describes her work as carrying both calm and simplicity.

Inspired by linen cloth produced by her great-grandparents' family in Germany, Annette started weaving a few years ago and was immediately fascinated by the process. She also realized how perfect hand-woven linen cloth is for everyday use.

Linen is a sustainable and naturally anti-microbial fiber that absorbs moisture very quickly, dries fast, becomes even thirstier with each use, and washes well. The slightly heavier yarn and loose weave texture of a hand-woven product enhance these features and make it a real pleasure to handle the cloth.

All of her hand-woven products have been created in a slow process on a floor loom. They may show minor imperfections and irregularities which are manifests of the manual weaving process.