Bobo's Mountain Sugar

Bobo's Mountain Sugar is a wood-fired operation that uses wood sourced either from their land or from our neighbors to ensure the fuel is local. It takes a lively mix of science and magic to make maple syrup, and they wait for those perfect early spring days where night-time temperatures are below freezing and day-time temperatures are above freezing.

The springtime sap is boiled down from 2500 maple trees living on their hillside in Weston, Vermont. All of Bobo's sap comes from one sugarbush, so the syrup truly embodies Bobo’s Mountain: the soil, minerals, organic material, water and the trees.

Then, as the sap is running, it is collected, a fire is lit, and causes the sap to boil down to syrup. When the syrup comes off the pans and you have your first taste of Bobo's Mountain.