Greta de Parry

  • Greta de Parry

(Photo by SuperDanger for Collective Quarterly) Greta de Parry is a classically-trained woodworker and sculptor based out of Chicago, Illinois. After completing her formal education with a focus on Sculpture and Designed Objects at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007, she was recruited as the sole artist in residence at a post-graduate program affiliated with SAIC.  She began making custom-commissioned furniture with the highest quality materials, construction, and design alongside master woodworker Mike Jarvi ever since.   This type of work is exclusive by its very nature, and Greta had the desire to bring it to a wider audience without sacrificing its quality or integrity.  Over the next five years she worked to make this possible possible by refining her simple, elegant designs, and seeking out highly-skilled, ethically-aligned American manufacturers that specialized in the solid, honest materials used in her work.   In 2012, Greta completed her vision and founded Greta de Parry Design to make thoughtfully-designed, high quality American furniture accessible to everyone.  Today, she is thrilled and honored to share her work with you, and looks forward to continuing to bring you well-made, beautiful pieces that last a lifetime and won’t go out of style (but still go a bit against the grain).