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All-American Jumbo Pencil - Cream - $11.00

Made in the USA, this classic mechanical pencil features a wide body and sturdy 1.1 mm leads, making it a great choice for field workers, seniors, and children. 


  • Twist tip mechanism.
  • Five HB leads included in the pencil, each approximately 1.25" long.
  • Grip-Tite tip that holds the lead firmly in place so that it won't wobble, jam, or fall out.
  • Storage for additional leads under the eraser.
  • Made in USA


  • To extend the lead, twist the tip clockwise.
  • To retract the lead, twist the tip counter-clockwise and press the lead down against a firm surface.
  • To refill the lead, pull off the tip, unscrew the plunger, insert one lead into the lead tube, and reassemble.

Note: This pencil is designed to use Autopoint leads, which are shorter than standard leads. It can also be used with regular 1.1 mm leads that have been snapped in half.

About the Manufacturer

Autopoint was founded in Chicago in 1918 and since 1979 has been located in Janesville, Wisconsin. They are one of the last manufacturers left in the country with an ability to produce twist action mechanical pencils. Their quality and attention to detail has allowed them to continue to compete on a global scale in an industry all too dominated by low cost, low quality foreign competitors.

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