Wilson Key Ring - Red Wilson Key Ring - Red Wilson Key Ring - Red
  • Wilson Key Ring - Red
  • Wilson Key Ring - Red
  • Wilson Key Ring - Red

Wilson Key Ring - Red - $15.00

Originally designed by General Manufacturing Concern.  A simple and efficient brass Keyring. The inherent strength of the brass wire creates a secure closure. Holds more keys than you will likely ever own. 

1/8" Brass wire

Measure 2" x 1.25"

Enameled stripe for simple identification purpose

Made in Connecticut and New York


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About the Manufacturer

  • Craighill

  Craighill exists to create distinct, timeless, and useful objects for your person and home. Their offerings encompass a wide range of materials and functions, unified by an efficient, yet exploratory design philosophy. Personal curiosity, industrial experimentation, and basic utility drive its purpose. The new venture has partnered with an incredible set of manufacturers who not only execute on the tightest tolerances, but also offer invaluable production insight. They strive for meticulous, precise, and honest manufacturing - no artificial distressing, no decorative coatings. Craighill believes the final product should be perfectly functional, and should also tell a story about its creation and it's potential. We couldn't agree more. All products are manufactured in the USA, and all prototyping, finishing, and fulfillment happens in their Brooklyn studio. 

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