Cotton Throw Border Twill

Cotton Throw Border Twill - $243.00

The Cotton Throw Border Twill features a tight twill weave and two wide border stripes finished with an iconic hand-knotted fringe and selvedge (a beautiful byproduct of the antique loom it's woven on). The density of the weave makes for an unexpectedly warm, lush feel.

Machine-washable and colorfast.

Made in USA

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About the Manufacturer

  • Brahms Mount

The Brahms Mount factory sits overlooking the Kennebec River, just upstream from where ship docks once hummed with activity as Maine’s textile industry rose to world-renowned status. In keeping with the state’s rich textile heritage, their dedicated artisans turn out heirloom-quality blankets and throws on antique shuttle looms using natural fibers to turn out modern examples of our proud legacy of textile manufacturing. Owner David Kauffman calls Brahms Mount a living testament to the best of American workmanship, ingenuity and tenacity. We completely agree.

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