3-Strike iPhone 6 Sleeve

3-Strike iPhone 6 Sleeve - $75.00 $25.00

A clean and simple solution for protecting your livelihood.

Hand-sewn using leather from the legendary S.B. Foot Tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota, this sleeve is finished off with a three strike detail: one for each contributor to its creation.

Tanned & sewn in Minnesota

About the Manufacturer

  • Hollows Leather
  • Hollows Leather
  • Hollows Leather

  "It doesn’t matter what you do, if you care enough it becomes art. Leather is what I do." -N.H. Nicholas Hollows first began working with leather in 2008 for himself, friends, and family using inherited tools dug out of his garage. He kept at it, driven by the feeling of creating things that were practical, durable, and (in his words) sometimes beautiful. We happen to think his work is always beautiful. Nicholas believes that mundane objects are sometimes the most important and wants the objects that he uses every day to be imbued with personal significance, and carry his history with them. He hails from Minneapolis and embodies all that is right in the frigid Mill City.  

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