Khonsu Studs - Gold

Khonsu Studs - Gold - $84.00

Jessie Yeager's grandfather, SuperFred, started the original 'I Like It Here Club' while captured in World War II to keep things a little more positive with his fellow Prisoners of War. Yeager - now reviving the I Like It Here Club in the form of a jewelry, hopes to inspire the wearer of her designs to remain positive day to day. 

Each of her designs come from unique stories of inspiration she shares on her website:

"The Khonsu Studs are thin and sharp, twin rising suns shining promise on a new day. You'll eat spongy breads with quince, then off to see the salt pools, the owl sanctuary, the place that serves little cookies and mint tea in brass-ringed glasses. You'll nap on a deep blue comforter and wake up cool, to twin rising moons."

Gold Plated Brass

Ear posts gold plated sterling silver

0.75x0.75 in.

Hand Made in North Carolina, USA