Miss Annie Jones Shave Oil

Miss Annie Jones Shave Oil - $22.00

Miss Annie Jones, the foremost bearded lady capitalized on her unconfirmed case of hirsutism all her life. Born in Virginia in 1860, Jones' attraction was evident even at 9 months old, then being paid a hefty sum of $150 a week by P. T. Barnum. What started as patches of hair had blossomed into a mustache and sideburns by the time she was five.

The mixture of grapeseed and kukui nut oils in this shaving formula create the base for a perfectly smooth and clean shave. The grapeseed makes for a sturdy carrier, for a non-greasy a transparent shaving experience. The kukui nut oil, known for its strong moisturizing ability, pampers skin and creates a smooth, even surface for a closer shave that will help to eliminate post-shaven dryness. The light forest scent of balsam, cedarwood and sandalwood make for the best, gentle shave experience. To be used with or without cream.

Available in a 2 oz. glass bottle with dispenser pump lid.

Made in Savannah, GA

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