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  • Mute Stripe Pillow
  • Mute Stripe Pillow

Mute Stripe Pillow - $190.00

Oversized pillow woven in black with a 3" wide white grid making it a slightly edgier version of a timeless design. Linen is a sustainable and naturally antimicrobial plant fiber that is strong, very absorbent, and fast drying. The more often you use it, the softer it will become. 

Woven and sewn in Northern California, USA

Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, line dry or tumble dry for softness, warm iron

Dimensions: 26" x 26" (insert included)

Only at Wilson & Willy's

About the Manufacturer

Annette Aylward designs and makes small-scale, hand-woven linen goods for the home with quality and sustainability in mind. She describes her work as carrying both calm and simplicity. Inspired by linen cloth produced by her great-grandparents' family in Germany, Annette started weaving a few years ago and was immediately fascinated by the process. She also realized how perfect hand-woven linen cloth is for everyday use. Linen is a sustainable and naturally anti-microbial fiber that absorbs moisture very quickly, dries fast, becomes even thirstier with each use, and washes well. The slightly heavier yarn and loose weave texture of a hand-woven product enhance these features and make it a real pleasure to handle the cloth. All of her hand-woven products have been created in a slow process on a floor loom. They may show minor imperfections and irregularities which are manifests of the manual weaving process.

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