Parcel Ring - Gold Parcel Ring - Gold
  • Parcel Ring - Gold
  • Parcel Ring - Gold

Parcel Ring - Gold - $38.00

Jessie Yeager's grandfather, SuperFred, started the original 'I Like It Here Club' while captured in World War II to keep things a little more positive with his fellow Prisoners of War. Yeager - now reviving the I Like It Here Club in the form of a jewelry, hopes to inspire the wearer of her designs to remain positive day to day. 

Each of her designs come from unique stories of inspiration she shares on her website:

"Coiled like a snake, a ring of fire, the soft green tendrils on the root of the fig tree you smuggled home, wrapped carefully in beeswax paper and blue tea towels. The Parcel ring is a the circle of life, not broken or interrupted but open, to all the possibilities, any reading, palms and smoke, pictures in sand."

Gold Plated Brass

Hand Made in North Carolina, USA