Serving Bottle - Ash Serving Bottle - Ash
  • Serving Bottle - Ash
  • Serving Bottle - Ash

Serving Bottle - Ash - $65.00

A hand-thrown serving bottle that works well for any occasion - a nice vintage wine, water during dinner, or while mixing cocktails.

The bottle is thrown in two pieces by two unique sets of hands, then joined together to create one beautiful vessel. Because of the scale, every bottle comes out of the kiln slightly different [but most hold around 750 ml of liquid]. Comes with a cork stopper. 

Made in Portland, Oregon.

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About the Manufacturer

Mazama's approach blends the technical and the organic, every step of the way. The process begins by taking a simple silhouette and giving it form and beauty the old fashioned way -- with a pen, a pad of paper and a few cocktails (to get the creative juices flowing, of course). Once refined, their designs are transformed into technical drawings, ensuring proper volumes and exacting specifications. Though Mazama use modern technology to ensure they can replicate the ideas drawn, there’s a particular level of craft that comes from throwing each piece by hand. No matter how tiny the differences, each piece is indeed unique and subtly reflects the details of the moment it was made. As dedicated followers of Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi, they believe beauty stems from the imperfect world we create.

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