Sig Notebook Black

Sig Notebook Black - $14.00

"A new adventure is coming up and I'm sure it will be a good one."

The last words ever written by the great Sig Olson in his Ely, Minnesota writing shack and the first words we can say to ourselves or one another each and every day.

Letter-pressed and bound in Minneapolis on heavy weight cover stock then edge-dyed in silver.

Measures 6.75"x4.75"

Only at Wilson & Willy's

About the Manufacturer

  • Studio On Fire
  • Studio On Fire
  • Studio On Fire
  • Studio On Fire

Studio On Fire is a best-in-class craft letterpress printer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota focused on making premium print work that they love as much as their clients do. They are a group of a dozen people that get a sick sort of thrill from paper and ink. They think about craft like riding a bike – it is just second nature. If attention-to-detail were a drug, they’d be the junkies. Having the best tools for the job is a must for high-end letterpress printing and after all, we are talking about working with vintage machines from 1950-1960′s era. Nobody is making new letterpress equipment nowadays, but their machines represent the height of letterpress printing technology. Maintaining these presses and using them with modern letterpress techniques keeps their work consistently crisp and vibrant. When you work with Studio On Fire, you are in great company. They keep steady clientele with the top design firms, agencies and corporations in the world and we can find them right down the street.

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